Proclaiming a Radical Passionate Living Vision of Hope

The following Vision Statement guides the community of First United:

As a member congregation of the United Church of Canada, we are a Christian church, worshiping God and guided by the Spirit.

We call out the meaning of the life and the message of Jesus.

We are challenged to interpret God's words for our own time and to listen for the voices of modern prophets.

We are a welcoming, healing community, nurturing and supporting our congregational family.

We open our doors with love.


Our Vision Statement continued:

We are a concerned and daring people, proclaiming God's presence and love in our action for social and human justice.

We affirm and celebrate our diversity.

We rejoice in the gifts of our members and in the creative and intentional use of those gifts in stewardship and care for our community and all of God's creation.

We seek courage to live our faith in the community and in the world.

We are mindful of our humanness.

We are grateful for the wisdom of those who have built and nurtured this church.

We are alive with the enthusiasm of our children.

We seek strength to grow and to change as God calls us.

Community Values

Two faith affirmations inform our Christian expression. A New Creed and A Song of Faith, both adopted by The United Church of Canada, and have been enthusiastically embraced by our community.

As a congregation, we collectively make decisions using a model of discernment based upon an adopted Behavioural Covenant.

As a Community, we are committed to transparency understanding that decision-making belongs to the whole community.  We annually elect a Church Council who provide spiritual and programmatic leadership as well as ensure faithful stewardship of our financial resources.   An Annual Report as well as Annual Financial Statements are received, reviewed, and approved at our Annual General Meeting.

(Photo Copyright Tanya Middlebro)