Mother Earth Water Walk 2019 - Aug.24th until Sept. 15th
Sunday 15 September 2019, 03:00pm
Grandmother Francine Payer has begun her sacred Mother Earth water walk on Aug. 24th, from Matane QC to Gatineau,QC, about 1200 km of walking in ceremony and prayer for water.  In the video listed below, she explains more what it is about and tells us how we can support her.  This is important sacred work.


First United has already sold water buttons in support  of this water walk and we would encourage anyone who wants to stand in solidarity with indigenous concern for the health of water and to honour anishinabe sacred ceremony to donate in support.   We also ask for your prayers for the walkers, and for Grandmother Francine, and for the water.    To donate go to
Water Walk 2019  YouTube video: